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What is VeganBot?
VeganBot tries to solve 2 problems at once:
1. As a vegan, you sometimes get questions or comments that you're not sure how to answer. Find answers on VeganBot to choose from or cherrypick from many to form your own. You can also share answers directly to social media.
2. As a non-vegan, you might have questions or comments about veganism but for some reason can't or won't talk to a real person. VeganBot has got all the answers you need.
Where do the answers come from?
At this moment there are 6 sources providing answers in VeganBot. They are:
Vegan Sidekick (0 answers)
Vegan Nutritionista (0 answers) (0 answers)
VeganEasy (0 answers)
But you kill ants (0 answers)
Viva (0 answers)
Total: 0 answers
Where is the code?
This is an open source project and all contributions are welcomed. The Github repo is here.
Do you have all the answers?
If you think you have some good answers and want to become a source for answers on VeganBot, please contact me here.